Cosmos - Todd Boss  (Introduction)

Sun - Julia Klatt Singer

Universe - Rosemary Ann Davis

Sky - Betsy McNerney

Stars - Brenda Bell Brown

Planets - Sarah Hayes

Northern Lights - Mary Moore Easter

Moon - Sandra Evans

Stars - Shannon Schenck

Moon -  Jean Miriam Larson

Space - Roseanne Lloyd

Curated and hosted by Rosemary Davis

Asparagus - Maryanne Shaffer Coronna

Zinnia - Sharon Hilberer

Roses - Rhonda Fleming Hayes

Sunflowers - Rosemary Ann Davis

Beets - Alison Morse

Wheelbarrows - Don Ladig

Palm - Sandy Beach

Bellflowers - Jean Cook

Beans - Tracy Youngblom

Gardens - Susan Davis Price

Curated and hosted by Rosemary Davis

Reading Seriese


Universe: A Language We Speak
Ten writers. Ten celestial bodies.
 May 19, 2017  Hearts and Ivy Gallery


Battlefield: A Language We Speak

Ten writers. Ten conflicts.

October 29, 2015  7 p.m.  Rogue Buddha Gallery

Afganistan - Rosemary Ann Davis

China - Wang Ping

Iraq - Catherine Watson

Kent State - Ellen Shriner

Little Big Horn - Carter Meland

September 11th - Tami Mohamed Brown

Universal - Tim Nolan

Viet Nam - Michael Orange

War Between the States - James Bettendorf

WWII - Jim Bohen

Curated and hosted by Rosemary Davis

Garden: A Language We Speak

Ten writers.  Ten gardens.

July 12, 2014  1- 3 p.m.  Pratt Amphitheater, Prospect Park

Hometown: A Language We Speak

Ten writers. Ten hometowns.

June 28, 2013  7-9 p.m.   Susan Henzel's Garden/Gallery of Narrative Art

Bucheon, Korea – Katie Hae Leo

Waseca, Minnesota – Erin Fider

Berkeley, California – Matthew Clark

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Rosemary Davis

Huron, South Dakota – LeRoy Sorenson

St. Cloud, Minnesota – Clarence White

West New York, New Jersey – Emil Angelica

Encinitas, California – Elizabeth Brenner

Baudette, Minnesota – Carla Hagen

Parts Unknown – Michael Kiesow Moore

Curated and hosted by Rosemary Davis

City: A Language We Speak

Ten cities. Seven Continents. Eleven journeys!

April 8, 2011  7-9 p.m.  Susan Hensel Gallery of Narrative Art

                                                                                                  Jaipur, India - Wendy Amundson

                                                                                                  Seoul, Korea - Eileen Beha

                                                                                                  Istanbul, Turkey - Lisa Calame Berg

                                                                                                  San Francisco, United States - Rosemary Davis

                                                                                                  Buenos Aires, Argentina - Larry Englund

                                                                                                  Cairo, Egypt - Mary Ellen Evans

                                                                                                  Quetzaltenango, Guatemala - E. S. Fletcher

                                                                                                  Paris, France - Rachel Gabriel

                                                                                                  Alice Springs, Australia - Susan Hensel

                                                                                                  St. Petersburg, Russia - Christine Stark

                                                                                                  McMurdo Station, Antarctic - John Moriarity

                 Photo by Susan Hensel

                                                              These are the Cities Marco Polo Left Behind - Joyce Kennedy

                                                                                   Curated and hosted by Rosemary Davis