Some Things I Know

Farm House Magazine and Anthology

when you are being interviewed for television

speak slowly and look directly at the reporter

pretend the camera is not there

most people are in a hurry

you cannot stop your friends from dying

but you can hold them and repeat their names

faux Buddhas and elephants hold up the sky

at the Oriental movie palace (1927) on

Milwaukee's East Side

loss is universal

ducks travel past my window

now that the lily pads are gone

Poetry Publications

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Open2Interpretation Book 2012
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"Some Things I Know," Farm House Magazine & Anthology
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"A Message to Beijing," Seeing the World through Women's Eyes -
Book of poems inspired by the UN’s 4th World Conference
on Women, Beijing, China (preface) 1996

Midnight Blue

A View from the Loft – Le Poeme finalist

blue widow spiders climb

precariously close,

blue cabs shimmie


              where you are standing,

a woman

        pinned with a cobalt

   letter screams

       above the blue din of a

               newspaper print shop,

five girls put on

lipstick in a baby blue


   a knot of boys hit blue pins

   at the dark end of a bowling alley,

blue grasshoppers      pray

in the hills,   blue hope

                      in a man's heart

as  he writes a long essay,


bath water waiting, blue suds

       two people

make love in a bed of blue.